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How to Fix a Leaking Kitchen Sink Drain in Burnaby

Kitchen sink drain leakage is perhaps one of the most frequent problems faced by homeowners in Burnaby. If not solved early enough, this problem may cause extensive damage and, therefore, expensive repairs. Here, we will show you how to search for and repair your kitchen sink and drain leaking issues, using tips by Fraser Valley plumbing experts.

Reasons that can lead to a leaking kitchen sink drain:

Identifying the main causes of kitchen sink drainage in Burnaby means that you will be in a position to remedy the situation appropriately. Here are some usual suspects:

  • Loose Connections:

The actual joints which are used to hold the pipes can tend to develop rust and thus start to leak. Strangulating these connections can in some cases provide a solution.

  • Worn-Out Washers and Gaskets:

These components help to achieve a state where the surfaces to be joined have ideal adhesion and close contact. They should be in good condition, if not, they are likely to bring a leak along with them. Replacing them is the easy part of it, however.

  • Corroded Pipes:

This is especially true when the pipes are made of metal, for they tend to rust, gradually causing leakages. If rust or corrosion is observed, then perhaps part of the pipe needs to be replaced.

  • Cracks and Holes:

They may also cause leakage of pipes and related structures, such as if there is a crack or hole at the surface of the pipe. With some damage, it is only a question of fixing, and the repair is simple; while with others, you may have to do patchwork or even require changing the entire pipe.

How to Fixing the Leak

  • Tighten Loose Connections:

Try tightening any loose nut or bolt using the wrench if the situation requires it. However, avoid making it too tight, as it could damage the part.

  • Replace Washers and Gaskets:

If the leak is visible at the connection point, you should also remove the current washer or gasket and insert new ones. You should also clean the threads with a cloth or use a plumber’s tape to seal them tightly before reassembling.

  • Address Corroded or Damaged Pipes:

If there is corrosion or any kind of physical damage, then one has to remove the part of the cell that has become damaged. It is advisable to first use a pipe cutter to cut off the affected area and then join a new part where needed by fitting the appropriate connectors and plumber’s tape.

  • Test the Repair:

After that is done, the water supply should be turned back on and the sink should be allowed to run for a while to check if the flow of the leak has stopped.


These procedures and tips will help you manage the issue of a leaking kitchen sink drain in Burnaby, and you can always count on the Fraser Valley plumbing specialists for support.

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