Top 4 Indian Festival Sweets

There is nothing else like the zeal and excitement with which Indians enjoy holidays all year long. Without question, festivals are an important part of your culture because they give you a chance to enjoy family and friends and remember the wonderful traditions you have. When you send rakhi to UK, you must add a sweet box. The traditional ingredients and ways of making Indian holiday sweets from Ghasitaram set them apart and make them famous. So, keep reading…

  • Akhrot Barfi

Akhrot Barfi, also called Walnut Barfi, differs from the barfi we usually eat at events. This delicious North Indian fudge contains roasted walnuts, khoya, cashews, ghee, pistachios, etc. So, it has everything you need to make your holidays and special events even more memorable.One great thing about Akhrot Barfi is that it is good for you and tastes great. High-flying dry fruits like peanuts and almonds will add crunch; the main ingredient, walnuts, will keep the recipe true to its roots. You must pack a barfi box when you send rakhi to UK.

  • Kaju Katri Stevia

The best thing about shopping for holiday sweets at Mithai and More is that we only sell the best products that taste great and are good for you. Kaju Katri Stevia is another example on this list that people want.You now know how well-known Kaju Katri is in India. But as time has passed and people have become more health aware, they have become picky about what they eat. Moreover, to send a rakhi to Australia, you must add this box of happiness.

  • Sugarless Khajur Dry Fruit

Everyone knows that Khajur, also called Date Palm, is good for your health. Date palm is very healthy and has a lot of fiber. In light of this, here is a special sugar-free Khajur Dry Fruit you can enjoy this holiday season without feeling bad about it. Along with not having any sugar, one of the best things about Sugarless Khajur Dry Fruit is that it contains dry fruit. The mix of walnuts, cashews, almonds, and date palms makes it a healthy and tasty sweet treat for customers. This sweet addon is perfect for sending rakhi to Australia.

  • Rasmalai

Rasmalai is the most famous real Bengali sweet, and we at Mithai and More know its importance. The cottage cheese and thick milk cream make up the traditional Indian Bengali sweet Rasmalai. We sprinkle walnuts, almonds, and saffron to make it taste better. This gives the yellow sweet a divine touch and taste. This gives a lovely flavor and touch to yellow sweets. Rasmalai is one of the tastiest sweets to send rakhi to USA.


To send rakhi to USA, you must add some sweet hamper. Festival sweets symbolize pleasure, prosperity, and celebration in India’s rich culture. From Diwali’s laddoos and barfis to Rakhi’s mithai packages, these Ghasitaram sweets unite families and communities with their delicious flavors and traditional meaning. They are tasty delights and heirlooms steeped with love and tradition. To know more, please visit this website.

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