how to connect carplay to mercedes

To connect Apple CarPlay to your Mercedes-Benz, follow these steps:

Note: Your Mercedes-Benz must have Apple CarPlay compatibility, and you will need an iPhone running iOS 7.1 or later.

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Mercedes-Benz vehicle with Apple CarPlay support
  • iPhone with a Lightning cable
  • A compatible USB cable (usually a Lightning cable)


  1. Power On Your Mercedes-Benz:
    • Start your Mercedes-Benz, and ensure that the vehicle is in park.
  2. Unlock Your iPhone:
    • Unlock your iPhone using your passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID.
  3. Connect Your iPhone:
    • Use a compatible USB cable (usually a Lightning cable) to connect your iPhone to the USB port labeled “Smartphone Integration” in your Mercedes-Benz. This USB port is typically located in the center console or glove compartment.
  4. Access CarPlay:
    • Once you connect your iPhone, the CarPlay interface should automatically appear on your Mercedes-Benz’s infotainment screen. If it doesn’t appear automatically, you can often access CarPlay by selecting the “CarPlay” option on your infotainment screen.
  5. Follow On-Screen Prompts:
    • Follow the on-screen prompts to set up and configure CarPlay. You may need to grant permissions for CarPlay to access your phone’s functions, such as calls, messages, and maps. Follow the prompts on both your iPhone and the infotainment screen to complete the setup.
  6. Use CarPlay:
    • Once connected, you can use CarPlay to access various iPhone apps directly from your Mercedes-Benz’s infotainment system. You can make calls, send and receive messages, use navigation, listen to music, and more through the CarPlay interface.
  7. Control CarPlay:
    • You can control CarPlay using the Mercedes-Benz’s infotainment controls, touch screen, or voice commands via the vehicle’s built-in voice assistant (e.g., “Hey Siri”).
  8. Disconnect CarPlay:
    • To disconnect CarPlay, simply unplug your iPhone from the USB port. CarPlay will automatically exit, and you can return to your Mercedes-Benz’s regular infotainment system.
  9. Reconnect CarPlay:
    • To reconnect CarPlay, plug your iPhone back into the USB port. CarPlay should resume where you left off.
  10. Update Software (if needed):
    • Periodically, both your iPhone and Mercedes-Benz’s infotainment system may receive updates that enhance CarPlay functionality. Make sure to keep both your iPhone and vehicle’s software up to date.

Remember that the specific menu options and setup process may vary slightly depending on your Mercedes-Benz’s model and infotainment system version. If you encounter any difficulties or have questions about connecting CarPlay to your Mercedes-Benz, consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or contact Mercedes-Benz customer support for assistance.

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